Vision, Mission & Values

We believe that every training must be a unique experience in itself, no off the shelf or one size fits all. We adapt the following approach:-

Customized Programs:

Each time a service is offered, a customized training curriculum and delivery methodology are developed based on hands on experiences of our instructors and approved by the Curriculum Advisory Committee. Programs are also supported with customized case studies to accommodate the organizational and industrial needs.

Interactive Methodology:

Instructional methods and use of media, role-play, case studies, experimental games, quizzes, self-assessment, tests, energizers, creative thinking, group discussion and brainstorming sessions.

Valuable Reference:

The program has a set of introductory activities and learning experience purpose. Each program has a different set of printed materials ( available in Arabic and English languages ) that contains valuable information and references that help participants use it as a guide during their day to day interaction and consider it an ongoing training opportunity.

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