Financial Investigation Services

Financial Investigation Services

Global Financial Investigations was established in 2014. Our services cover Cairo, Alexandria, Delta area, Upper and Lower Egypt.

With a capacity of 30- 40 employees in addition to around 120 verifiers working on the following bases: -

  • 1- Distribution of work starts at 8.00 pm under the supervision of the team leader
  • 2- Our verifiers are responsible for searching , investigation and collecting our clients’ data and information
  • 3- Receiving and preparing the data done by our administrative staff.
  • 4- Reviewing all the data and information under the supervision of our audit staff
  • 5- For quality insurance, a random sample is revised by the department head on daily basis to ensure the accuracy of the data collected

We proudly serve:-

  • 1- National Bank of Egypt
  • 2- Mortgage Finance Fund
  • 3- National Bank of Abu Dhabi

We Strive for:-

  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Mastery
  • Details
  • Proficiency

our happy clients